I was looking for merchants that track phone sales and realized that there does not seem to be any list or database of merchants that successfully track affiliate generated phone orders. (if I'm wrong please point me to that list)

I could also not find any network that offers up that info when you examine merchant details and those merchants that do may or may not list that they track phone orders.

for example:
EverythingFurniture lists that they track phone orders in their description and from what I've read on ABW they do.

NetShops does not list phone tracking but I see code on their pages at the bottom that reads: For Phone Orders, Please Mention:########
But it does not appear that is used for tracking affiliate sales.

I only use the two merchants above as examples because I was recently comparing companies.

What made me think of having a list or database of phone tracking merchants was this post: http://forum.abestweb.com/showthread.php?t=102803

A $712.85 phone order is nothing to sneeze at and when I am deciding which furniture company I will choose for one of my projects it has to be the one that tracks phone sales.

Too many merchants still believe that a leak such as untracked phone orders is okay because they don't get a lot of orders over the phone. But one furniture purchase could mean a very large commission lost to an affiliate.

Do you think a list of merchants that track phone orders would be helpful to you when making a decision about which merchant to feature and advertise?