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    Arrow Online Travel: WWTE (expedia) or WCT (Travelocity)

    I run a number of travel content and portal websites. Traditionally, we've sent traffic directly to online travel agencies--but are looking into working with one of the private label partners. I've been able to do some research on Priceline's new program but haven't been able to get much information on WWTE (exedia's private label offering) or WCT (Travelocity's private label offering).

    Anyone have any thoughts on:
    Is one better than the other or are they pretty similar?
    Does one have a better product?
    Better payout?
    Better customer service?

    Any insight would be helpful.

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    December 26th, 2008
    Still reading your comments?
    I have a ****ed up knack of getting in on a discussion that is months or years old--probably either to vent or because I have seen a change in industry from last comments.

    Both IAN and WorldChoiceTravel aka Expedia & Travelocity are both superb programs with possibly IAN waning in the support department. Remember,
    gentleman and ladies, it's far more on you then them. Hell there are hundreds of great affiliate programs out there but few succeed because of the dillusion that affiliate programs are as easy to get organic search results. They are all BUT easy for reasons I will post only if asked. SEO on affiliate sites is a whole new art in and of itself. Let me know--

    Meantime I congragulate your love for travel and **** all that "worldmind" stuff that travel is "down". Location,Location,Location--be there at the right time and you'll flourish--squash your dream and you'll parish! Best Wishes from RomansAngel.

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    I'm using IAN right now, its really nice !

    But I'll admit my focus hasnt been on developing my travel channel .. down the line i will be though !

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    Hi Magi
    Has or was the IAN network been okay with integration and customer support for implementation or did they basically just let you go "with eyes wide open"???

    I choose WCT over IAN because of the long waits in communications, I was wondering if that was a fluke or the norm???

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