About CreditCards.com:

CreditCards.com is a leading online credit card marketplace, bringing consumers and card issuers together. Our site is a free online resource where consumers can compare hundreds of credit card offers by category, including low interest credit cards, credit cards with rewards programs, airline credit cards, cash back credit cards, small business credit cards, student credit cards, instant approval credit cards as well as prepaid debit cards. Visitors can compare over 150 card offerings from more than 20 issuers. Over one million unique users access our website each month.

Site Address: http://www.creditcards.com

Programs Benefits and Features:

CreditCards.com offers attractive commission pay-outs of up to $80 per approval across a variety of verticals, including Travel, Rewards, Business, and Prepaid Credit Cards.

Copy and Creative Examples:

Short Copy: CreditCards.com is a leading online credit card marketplace where customers can choose from over 150 card offerings and more than 20 issuers.

Long Copy: CreditCards.com is a credit card portal where visitors can choose from over 150 card offerings and more than 20 issuers. Users can search by interest rate, rewards, cash back, airline credit, and other card criteria; by all levels of credit quality; or by issuer to find a card that best fits their lifestyle and needs.

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