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    eBay adds to chaos -- categories have changed
    I cannot find the link on eBay discussing this now, but if you go into the EPN dashboard, go to the discussion board, and look near the top, you'll find that eBay has made a number of category changes.

    This is especially important if you create links and use tools that require categories. Right off hand, I know some of the Video Games categories have changed. Look around the Discussion Board and the eBay site itself and I'm sure you can find links to the category changes.


    Most of my eBay affiliate sites are put together using WordPress and the terrific phpbay Pro plugin. That plugin gives you great options for sorting eBay listings and displaying them, and one of the best features is being able to use the eBay category number.

    So -- I discovered that function quit working, showing nothing at all when I put in a category number.

    THEN I discovered how to make it work again:

    When you put the category number in before, it just took typing in the correct category number, i.e., 134299. But NOW -- You must include the number sign, #, in front of the category to make it work. To clarify:

    Before the eBay category changes: 134299

    After the eBay category changes: #134299

    (I just made up that category number, but you get the idea, right?)

    I don't know whether other eBay affiliate links, tools, etc., use category numbers since I use almost only phpBay Pro. I suspect the "BANS" site building tool uses categories, but I don't know.

    Anyway, if none of this makes much sense to you -- welcome to the crowd.

    No, seriously, check out the EPN site, discussion board, the eBay site, etc.

    If you're a fellow phpBay Pro user, check out the phpbay Pro members' forum and there's some discussion on the matter there.
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    Thanks for the heads up Gary. Seems like just when things are settling down, they go do something to flip the apple cart.

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    Thanks for the info. I noticed today one of my phpbay sites is acting a little wonky, many pages not showing listings, but some are?

    Another thing on my long to-do-list, I guess...

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    OK, just made the change and seems to work just fine. THANK YOU writerguy!

    *the pages I had that worked fine before had no category specified: ("")

    *I had received a software update from phpbay pro, but nowhere was this mentioned. thanks again.

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    I had a hell of a time finding the category numbers for some lower level sub categories. It took me a while to find this and I haven't seen it posted here yet. Hopefully this will help someone else:
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    If It's Not Broke ... We'll Break It.
    This must be the new eBay unique selling proposition.

    Maybe if they just made a simple 550 x 90 search box we could just plug into our pages, we would not have to spend a bunch of time trying to figure out
    all the changes and we could spend more time sending them potential

    Another thing I would like is 125x125 banners for the top 8 auction categories in terms of total bids generated or some attribute that puts the most money in their pocket - then we can feature those auctions.

    It would also be nice if they had a template set up for specific keyword coded auctions ... we just add the keyword we want to feature.

    For example: Say I want to feature 'mining equipment' as the auction category I wish to promote. All I would need to do was capture the code and then change whatever WAS the keyword to 'mining equipment' and uploaded it. The default would always be 'ebay.'

    It's such a pain to search thru the categories and then use the link generator
    which as far as I can tell only lets you link to main categories and not to specific product type keywords.

    Still, I am doing great with the new program relative to when it was on CJ.
    It seems, no one is poaching the links or cookies any more.

    Now I am looking to increase the EPC to triple digits.

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