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    How to turn datafeed into website. Help Needed
    Hello all,

    is there a software that i can use to turn a datafeed into a website ?

    thanks a lot.

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    thanks Adam.

    I owe you a beer if you get to Romania

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    A little more detail.

    A datafeed is usually just a file with several rows of product data. Each field for the product is separated by some special character. A datafeed file can have anywhere from one row of data to 100,00-0+

    A website is composed of special HTML tags. You have a home page and then your home page usually links to other pages, or other groups of pages depending on how you choose to build your site. There are not right and wrong ways to build your website.

    What you have to now figure out is what tools can you use to turn that datafeed into a website.

    One of the more common processes followed is:
    1. Build your home page by scratch
    2. Have your home page link to the different groups or categories you want to market.
    3. For each category page list a list or grid of products
    4. For each product show the detail, picture and description
    5. On that product page provide an affiliate link where the shopper can jump to and buy he product. You then make a buck.

    IMO 1 and 2 are usually done manually. The networks (at least SAS) are very good about providing tools to build 3, 4, and 5 for you.

    For advanced datafeed management you should look into using a database and a programming language. This would allow you to build fewer pages, but the information about the categories and products can change without touching your pages.

    This, of course, is all IMO.( not EMO... just to clarify)
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