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    Does it frustrate you when...
    merchants send out offers with no links?

    I don't know how others post deals but for our shopping portals it adds an additional step if there is no link included with the deal.

    There are some days when we simply do not have the time to go in grab an existing link to that merchant or create a new link.

    There are many merchants who don't include links. I think you are hurting yourselves by not doing so. Not sure if its a time saving decision on your part or what the logic is.

    Also, there are other merchants who include generic links where you need to enter your own affiliate ID. Again, I am not sure why you can't add the ID to your code. Is it a time issue?

    OK, I am jumping off my soap box and going back to work.
    I would rather live my life as if there is a God and die
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    Does it frustrate me when I get an email without a link or with a generic link - Yes
    Do I put up fewer of these links because ... - Yes

    Do I expect any significant changes - No

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    Yes it does. Promotions in email that do not have a pre-coded aff link or expiration date usually go directly into the deleted folder.

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    Yes, here here! Totally agree with you visitourmall, and I'm sure almost all affiliates/publishers do. Those merchants are loosing out, especially those with short term deals or coupons. If they don't include the link, many times we don't get around to hunting for it before the coupon or deal has expired.

    Thanks for bringing attention to the issue!
    Nicki Hayes

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    Yes it's very frustrating. I really wish all affiliate networks and merchants would do a better job with deep-linking because it would get rid of a lot of these issues. Some merchants just don't publish links, others publish the links but don't take the time to insert your unique affiliate ID, so you have to go through and search and replace. Still, even worse are the ones that put in a bogus affiliate ID (like using the number "1" on CJ for PID), so the link still works even though it doesn't have your affiliate code.

    At least if they have a direct (non-affiliate) link to their products, and they support deep linking, I can build a link pretty easily through the administrative interface to my site.

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    What I really get frustrated with is when they send out deals/coupons with no exp. date. And with some merchants it's been more than a few times where I hit reply, ask for exp. date, they email back with sorry and give me the exp. date and then the cycle starts all over with the next newsletter they send out. I need that date. And I like links in the newsletters too.

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    yeap, agree with ya on that and have had to email them too and they'll do the same thing next time.

    Newest thing I've had recently which really seems crazy is I'll get emails that don't have the name of the merchant included anywhere in the email (or sometimes do but have to read thru the whole thing to find it) the email address it comes from will have the management company (not the merchant name and I can't remember each single company name of who's managing which program) Sorry, but those don't stand a chance of gettin posted cos just don't have the time to try to figure out who it is that sent it to me or write back to. Well...I could try to make time, but then somebody else might suffer from lack of time who didn't deserve it. If I can't even figure out who it is that's sending me it cos there aren't even any clues as to what type of product it is....

    Flip side...kinda silly I guess but do the opposite. I have several affiliate managers that always send links in plenty of time before needing to be posted. Links are always in the email, entire link is included with my affl id in them. Gives complete description of offer, including any codes, exact times when offer starts and finishes. Any restrictions, etc. are always included, too. Usually I even get reminder emails around the time of the expiration dates in case I might forget I guess.

    Those affiliate managers usually get a few emails during the year with me just reminding them how much I appreciate them cos they save me so much time and is much easier for me. Since I think they're doin such a great job and appreciate it I want em to realize that.

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