We've had a tool for some time now called the Coupon Feed Syndication tool. It effectively lets Affiliates promote RSS subscriptions to their Dynamic Coupon Feeds. What does that mean? It means that in addition to publishing these deal feeds from merchants on your site, you can encourage your site visitors to subscribe to them as well. Once they do, your Affiliate tracking will be embedded in every outbound link from those subscriptions for as long as they exist out there.

It's pretty dang powerful and I want to be sure folks know exactly how this works and how to best utilize it, so I wrote a "Best Practices" blog article today:
With these powerful Affiliate feed syndication options, you can effectively promote RSS subscriptions to deal feeds, as well as display the feed content on your site(s). So itís very much in your interest to become proficient at not only selling the products, but selling subscriptions to the feeds from AvantLink!
Article on AvantShare: Affiliates, Syndicate Your Feeds

Gary M