Anybody have had any luck promoting net2phone Voiceline voip. I have had zero conversions with net2phone over quite a few months, though I think they have a good product.

What I think may be the reason is that the affiliate link they provide doesn't land on their VoiceLine landing page. A user will have to go through 2 more pages (1st page choose a country), 2nd page(lists all their products and the user will need to click on the voiceline link). Then after these two pages if the user hasn't lost interest yet, then the VoiceLine landing page comes up.

I think the fact that the the user will have to navigate through 2 pages before a proper landing page will be shown goes against all norms internet marketing. Why can't they create a country and product specific landing page. Like one for US based Voiceline prospective customers.

I have written to their aff. manager about this but got no response. I am thinking of dropping all my net2phone links from my voip site.