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    Just wondering how often potential new affiliates are evaluated. Seems like these mysterious programs are in hiding.

    In these tough economic times, I encourage you to broaden your base.

    There are many content rich yet coupon related sites out there with smaller traffic patterns that do very well promoting your COMPETITORS. There are so many smaller, honest hardworking affiliates that would love to put you front and center as well.

    Day after day, I watch sales pour in for a large department store on our site which we have heavily promoted due to brands they carry (just their sales & no coupons) wondering about the private programs that are not giving us the chance to boost their sales.

    I know the peanut gallery out there would just say "who needs ya?". But, profits are profits and growth is growth.

    Help me help you


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    I've had some experience with private programs (I'm pretty tenacious when it comes to research!)... it's not necessarily about broadening the scope of sales, or driving traffic, which would be quite straightforward. A big part is image & branding.

    These programs are usually managed in-house, and they have strict internal guidelines as to the type of site they will accept for brand-association.

    While it can be frustrating, if you really feel your site is a good fit, then definitely get in touch with the store directly. I've done this on occasion, and it can work. At the end of the day, we are advertising vehicles for the stores - all they want to do is control that placement.

    And if that doesn't work.. then yes, "who needs ya?!"..

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