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    Different niches - what makes this biz so interesting
    In staying on top of the latest threads, I'm struck by just how many product/service niches are out there. You name it, there's an affiliate program to be found....

    I know many people (both experienced & newbies) think big-picture about affiliate marketing (catch-all sites for coupons, deals or products)... but there is still much to be said for being a specialist in your own area. I can't even imagine how I could promote, add value, or stay on top of, all the programs that don't fall into my niche.

    A random thought for Friday is all....

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    I think that niches are a great way to focus a marketers attention. I'm just trying to learn all I can about my first niche and I keep getting distracted with other ideas. There are just so dang many!

    I guess just setting daily goals and keeping a detailed to-do lists are my best defense against distractions. I love crossing items off a to-do list.

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