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    I was going to post some of this in the Iron Man thread, but I just kept writing and writing. I really should just do a blog post

    Quote Originally Posted by popdawg
    Indy is coming ... Indy is coming ... Indy is coming.
    Am I the only one who is worried about that movie? I mean, there were 3 classic movies... now, twenty years later (okay, 19), here comes another.

    George Lucas is involved.

    That worries me.

    I mean, look at the track record of new movies continuing old franchises (in no particular order):

    1. Star Wars: Phantom Menace
    2. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
    3. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
    4. Rocky Balboa
    5. Rambo
    6. Live Free or Die Hard
    7. Batman Begins
    8. Superman Returns
    9. Alien vs. Predator (and it's sequel, both based on 70's and 80's franchises)
    10. Lethal Weapon IV
    Honorable Mention: Every movie that's ever been based on an old TV show.

    ... have any of them been very good? I'm a die hard Star Wars guy, but the prequels were so-so. Rocky and Rambo were blah, Die Hard was lackluster, Batman Begins was pretty good, but Superman and the AvP movies were pretty bad. Lethal Weapon IV was just predictable and dull.

    My hopes for Indiana Jones are not high

    I recently read an article that talked about how sequels used to be considered box office poison, for the most part (with obvious excpetions) but there was a shift in the late 90's when the second Austin Powers movie did better in it's opening weekend than the first movie did in its whole run. Now, I think the studios are going too far in the other direction - pumping out sequels, prequels and tie-ins regardless of the market's desire to actually see those movies.

    Case in point? Elektra. Did anyone, after Daredevil came out, really want an Elektra movie?

    Other case in point? The aforementioned Alien vs. Predator. The first cleared about $80 million in 2004 and had a budget of $60 million. Okay, it finished in the black, but is that a sequel-worthy success? Barely - the 2007 sequel had a budge of $40 million and cleared about $42 million in the box office (and was not well-reviewed). I'll betcha though, that there will be a third eventually.

    Final thought number one: the other reason I'm not looking forward as much to Indiana Jones as I might is the inclusion of Shia LaBeouf. My main exposure to that cat was in Transformers, and I thought he was terrible in that flick. Maybe since my expectations are pretty low going in Indiana Jones will really surprise and blow me away. I do hope so.

    Final thought number two: saw the trailer for the new Star Wars: Clone Wars movie this weekend, attached to Speed Racer (a welcome exception to what I've been talking about, actually). The new Star Wars movie is basically a 3D animated version of the Clone Wars cartoon show that was on Cartoon Network. It's not right. Nobody I asked later had any idea what the plot was even vaguely about, nobody could remember anything specific about the trailer (not memorable in the least apparently) but everyone agreed that Yoda doesn't sound like Yoda. Ugh.

    Final thought number three: if they make The Godfather IV someone will pay... dearly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HecticDMC
    Final thought number one: the other reason I'm not looking forward as much to Indiana Jones as I might is the inclusion of Shia LaBeouf

    This alone is enough of a reason for me not to want to watch the movie. He ruined iRobot, and any other movie he has ever been in.

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