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    How many products does Betty Mills have?
    BettyMills offers over 30,000 brand name products that EVERYONE buys all the time. We ship the same day from over 25 national warehouse locations to your door.

    How well will my Clicks Convert to Sales?
    We have some affiliates consistently converting between 8-12% (8 - 12 sales per 100 clicks!)

    How competitive are BettyMills prices?
    Most of our prices beat out any of our competition hands down. In addition, our product selection is very deep and our delivery & service are excellent.

    Does BettyMills offer a Datafeed?What is the commission?
    We also indicate in our feed our most popular sellers! We also include both thumbnail and large pictures, as well as a few other ways to present your store, including search by manufacturer!

    What is the commission?
    5% of the net sales and 6.5% as an ABW Member(we rarely get returns) and our order sizes are HUGE!

    What is the size of an Average order?
    $300 average order size, much larger than the industry standard- it’s not unusual to book orders in the thousands of dollars!

    What is your cookie duration?
    60 days for all sales and sub-sales!

    Do you track in Real time?
    Yes! BettyMills has a world-class affiliate program providing you with the ability to check stats in real time, as well you get a dedicated affiliate representative to support your marketing efforts at all times. We go the extra mile to help our partners sell and earn more!

    Do you have a Forum?
    It's in the works! Stay tuned for a dedicated place to learn more and share with other BettyMills Affiliates!

    How the heck do I sign up??
    Simple. To enter affiliate Nirvana, Just Click Right Here...

    Victor Hanna
    The BettyMills Company

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    Update: The BettyMills Forum launched today...


    Victor Hanna
    The BettyMills Company
    The Betty Mills ABW Forum

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