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    Commas in Keywords - Yes or No
    To optimize a web page for organic search, should commas be used to separate keywords or not? I've also been led to believe that you shouldn't use TOO MAN Y keywords. For both, I am talking about meta keywords tag of course.

    Reason I ask is that I've always been told to separate keywords by commas. I came across a web site that ranks very high for competitive keywords, and noticed there were no commas - and a TON of keyword phrases.

    Any thoughts?


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    Afilyit, I usually use commas. I like to look at what coding looks like and how others go about their seo. If they are ranking well, why not? Nowadays they say G doesn't look at keywords, but can figure out from the page itself what your page is about. Title is impt. Y! still seem to use the meta tags. I wouldn't worry about too many keywords, but don't go overboard either, like e.g. half the page lol. Content is king.

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    I have been using commas for nearly ten years and a few of my sites rank quite well for some very competitive terms/phrases. I have read the debate for commas or no commas for much of that time - and the majority of what I read leans toward using commas. It has done well for me.
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    I use commas. It's easier for me to view and manage. I'm not sure if commas or no commas make any difference to SEO. But wouldn't it be confused to serch engines when they do follow the keywords with no commas? Say you have two keywords on meta tag: men's shoes, women's shoes. If there is no comma, it will look like this: men's shoes women's shoes. How will the search engine figure out there are two keywords in stead of four?

    As to the amount of keywords. I was led to believe that you shouldn't use too many keywords too. Some of my pages used to have dozens of keywords, recently I reduded them to less than 10 keywords. But I haven't seen any difference in terms of page ranking. So I guess the answer will be: it doesn't matter.

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    I use commas in meta tags, too. I try to build a page logically and logic would dictate using commas. Same with the amount of keywords. If they are used well in the page (well-written content that makes sense to the visitor), I'd say use as many as you need to without being silly about it, which is what I think pisses off the search kings, not that you have too many on one page.

    I do think that if you manage to rank with a keyword stuffed page, it won't be a lasting rank or placement in the SERPS because the search kings will send their humanoids with eyes after you and they'll eventually see it for what it is and penalize you. Not a good long term plan.

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    It just drives me crazy. This competitor comes up on the first page in google with a search term like "professional electric widgets".

    SEO-wise, they've done EVERYTHING wrong. The title and description tags are too long, there are about 1000 keyword phrases in the keywords tag, no comma separation, and there besides the meta tags, there is no mention of "professional electric widgets" on the page. There is "electric widgets" mentioned a few times.

    It's not a sponsored listing. How have they captured first page search results?

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