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    April 24th, 2008
    boston summit
    We are thinking about attending the Boston Affiliate Summit.

    We only launched our program a few weeks ago.

    Does anyone have any insight to the event -

    is it helpful for new programs?

    will we learn alot/gain affiliates?

    is it worth the money?

    party scene?

    let me know,


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    Thanks for joining the community. The easy answer is - your Affiliate Summit experience will be as productive as you choose to make it.

    I'd definitely recommend a few things:

    1. If you don't get a booth, at least get a Merchant Market or Meet Market table - the exposure is great and the traffic in Vegas at the Meet Market was awesome.
    2. Bring lots of business cards and product samples if they apply to your program. If there is no product to sample - bring something to send people home with that explains your program
    3. Have an Affiliate Summit promotion to encourage activation
    4. Take advantage of all of the networking opportunities including the meals to chat up as many people as you can
    5. Summit is a blast - but make sure to keep in mind that even the parties are opportunities to meet affiliates or in many cases even future partners or employers.
    6. Participate in the social network to set up meetings in advance
    7. Get in Saturday night if you can and enjoy some low stress networking
    Hope this helped!

    Wade Tonkin
    GTO Management

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    Killin it, go back and read all the threads since the last summit in this forum. If you go make sure you use the discount at the top of the page as its the best there is.

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    March 16th, 2008
    Thanks for the post & responses. This will also be our first time attending the show as a merchant and we're looking for as many tips as possible.

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    Affiliate summit is absolutely worthwhile - but you have to choose to make it so. The networking opportunities are priceless; at least for me they have been. I am just an affiliate and my first Affiliate Summit was last July in Miami. I attended ASW08 in Vegas in February and will be in Boston in August.

    AffiliateWarrior has a good list of "recommended things." I also suggest you take Chuck's advice and read through the threads about the last summit.

    Party scene? Oh, yes, that's another aspect of Affiliate Summit. It is also FUN.
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    The Affiliate Summit is Definantly worth it. I went last summer for the first time, of course I didn't know exactly what to do. Through the Affiliate Summit I have made the best contacts in the industry. Everyone is so helpful. Make sure you attend everything you can. The seminars are the main reason I went, I was new to the whole concept of Affiliate Marketing. You will need to figure out which seminars best target what you are wanting to learn. I believe the social events are just as important as anything. Don't miss those. I believe they are going to have a mentor program this year where they pair up vetran attendees that want to make contacts with new attendees, to make their experience the best possible. Keep watching the Affiliate Summit blog and see updates on this. It will be awesome. The Affiliate Summit Team, is there because they love what they do and believe in it, they are the most helpful people I have ever met.

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    Does anyone have any perspective from the merchant side of things?

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    If Affiliates feel it's this worthwhile, it's because they are meeting quality merchants.

    I'll be in attendance, I believe it's all about how many people will be at the conference - enough people..then it's up to you to make it worthwhile networking wise.

    We'll be there in full force (and hope our affiliates will be as well!)
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    I attended my first Affiliate Summit in February. I had the opportunity to meet a ton of people in the industry. It is so nice to finally meet people face-to-face that you feel like you already know from either talking to them on the phone, AIM, email or reading their blog! It is a great place to network and build relationships.
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    If you guys will check out Affiliate Summit's blog, Shawn announced the new mentor program June 5th. If you watch the video on his blog you will see that I will be heading up this program, so if any of you have any questions let me know. I have a page on Affiliate Summit's network page, I would love for you to add me as a friend, and we can keep in contact. Like I said on the video, "I was the newest of newbies", just one year ago. Check it out.

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