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    What to do about leaky merchant?
    One of my CJ merchants, and unfortunately one of my main ones, has, in the past few months added more and more "leaky" ads to their landing pages. They even feature some affiliate ads to some of the same merchants that I'm affiliated with. I've counted up to 7 different affiliate ads (right column, left column, middle of the page, and bottom of the page) on some of the landing pages that they promote in CJ.

    I've brought this up with the AM, and even the company's Marketing director, and they don't seem to believe that this is an issue.

    I'm just wondering if there's anything else I can do, other than dropping that merchant, to get the point across that they're robbing their CJ affiliates? Will CJ take any action, or even say anything to them on the affiliate's behalf?

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    good points friend. have you noticed any changes in your conversion rate?
    good luck - superCool

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    CJ won't do anything since it's really up to the merchants. Don't think there's much you can do besides try to talk them or drop them or accept it.

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    It's SnagAJob. And my conversion rates have gone down since they started putting more and more ads on the pages. When I first started with them they ran Adsense ads, and less of them, but conversions were great, so I didn't worry about them. Lately they've got more and more ads showing up on the landing pages that don't contribute to affliliate leads.

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