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    Leads Vs. Sales NYS Tax
    I run an affiliate site that only deals with leads. Quotes that Merchants receive from my site to their's. No money exchanges on my site or merchant's site(s). I've been getting a little nervous about all this NY affiliate terminations. I have not been notified by any or my Merchants. Are leads Taxable?

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    On the DMA conference call, they felt like CPL was a grey area, but that it likely wouldn't count since you're being compensated for all leads, whether they result in sales or not. The analogy was that CPC is okay because you're compensated whether the click results in a sale or not.

    I'm sure there are some variables depending on exactly how things work, and you never really know how NY will go on it.

    I have a really hard time seeing the distinction. NY is targeting companies that use "sales reps" that "solicit" in NY, and I really don't see much difference between CPL and CPS when it comes to that.

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