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    I was wondering if anyone could give me a little direction here.

    I currently use engines that allow you to start bidding on keywords at .01 I have no plans to change that metric.

    Anyway I am doing well with goclick, 7search, search123, and find-it quick.

    I recently funded my account at searchgalore and it appears they have little or no traffic.

    Please suggest other PPCs that allow bids starting at .01 that have some traffic.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Geez-o-whiz, isn't there anyone here with any input on this? HELP!!!

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    have you tried kanoodle?

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    Nathan Power's site might be of some help.

    My experience has been that sites with 1 cent bids have little traffic.

    The exception WAS findwhat.
    The 1 cent bids only showed up on findwhat, I think.

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    Face it folks the PPCSE expense and resulting traffic is tied directly into their exposure on regular SE's. Most of the relationships amongst the top search engines can be seen in this chart

    To see some reviews of the major SE's look at and the PPCSE marketplace boils down to Overture/Yahoo -Google Adwords and Findwhat. Knoodle -Looksmart -Ah-Ha and others drain accounts with some rela sleezy alliances on top bid keywords.

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    I don't think you will be able to find much "search" traffic for 1cent bids even on fringe terms.
    Until recently there had been a couple of companies making good dollars chasing low volume terms in Overture and the like, but with the new minimum bids I feel this business idea has come to an end.

    A comment that I seem to read all the time is that people stick $50 in a PPC account get 3 clicks in a month and declare the engine has no traffic. While this may be true, I think the reality of things is that most do have traffic, but it is all in their top (aka most commercial) terms. Any portals with true search traffic have contracts with the top PPCs so if anyone is after niche traffic, they should go to the top PPCs. If you would like cheaper general traffic go to the smaller guys.

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