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    Question Ppc Roi?
    Hi friends,

    I am cj affiliate, I have a common doubt

    I am planning to promote a few product thru adwords and my daily budget is $10 (for example). How much percent ROI should I expect. I know the ROI varies between products but what I want know is what percent of ROI can be consider as good returns?

    Example my daily budget is $10, Can I expect $20? this is 100% Roi.

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    There's no way to tell. You could lose it all, you might make 10x, 20x, who knows. For me a good return is I make more than I spend, period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trust
    For me a good return is I make more than I spend, period.
    Yep, if it makes more than it costs you, it is worthwhile. If your first steps get you at break even or a small loss, tune the KW's, Ads, S & C network placements and then go again. Once you have a positive return going you can then tweak and tune a little at a time, track results and go from there.

    Assuming you are promoting products or services that people need / want, the equation for PPC success would be:

    time+effort+patience+learning+implementing+adjusting+tracking+tuning+tuning+tuning+patience+make changes slowly+patience = max results.

    Good Luck!
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    Hello colleagues,

    Trust and Alan have good answers.

    I would say that 100% ROI, is good. Invest $10 make $20 in commissions. Might seem like a lot at first but when you factor in time, costs, returns, R & D ...etc... it's not really.

    As a newbie, the name of the game is to not lose money. That's right, Refuse to lose money!

    "Today, I refuse to lose money" should be your mantra.


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    I find a really quick way to see if it is a product that will convert is to only bid on the name of the product and other variation like "product name scam" or "product name review". People who are searching for the product by name are already interested in buying or at least are considering it so if this converts really well then you might be able to expect the same for other keywords.


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