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    Is this sitw worth buying?
    I have looked arund on info on this type of site seams to use cpa offers for ppl to sign up to then gives them a cut.

    I am interested in it anyone here got an opinion on it good or bad?

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    The problem with this setup is that the CPA programs get tired of bogus traffic that is not really interested in their offers, only signs up to get their cut - and they toss you out. Really bad if you've paid them for the click and then your commissions are not collectible. CPA programs are used to dealing with sites like this and usually won't accept them into their programs; or they will accept but with an eagle eye to traffic value. It's not a sustainable business model.
    I didn't go and look at the site itself, the seller's description was enough. If you were making $4000 a month would you just let it die? The CPA programs are on to that site from the fiqures quoted.

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