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    Affiliate Marketing - Any significant changes after 2 years?
    Hello everyone,

    After about 2 years, perhaps more, I can't even remember, I'm back and posting on ABestWeb. Ahh...I remember when I practically lived and breathed this forum.

    In the last 2 years I have been what you'd call 'out of the game' in affiliate marketing - trying my hand at a start-up, with employees and whatnot.
    Well, that went well, but was too damned time consuming (unlike what I remember about Affiliate Marketing ) so I sold it all off... been a while since, and now I'm bored and have too much unproductive time on my hands.

    So, the other day as I was drinking my coffee out of my trusty ABestWeb coffee mug (which is a few years old now...), I remembered the days of Affiliate Marketing and thinking about it got me interested again, so I'm back to giving Affiliate Marketing a go...

    I was hoping someone would be able to give me a rough summary (one or two lines perhaps) of anything Significant that has changed the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing over the last two years. I'm sure I've got heaps of catching up and learning to do, to get with the latest techniques, but have there been any fundamental changes in how Affiliate Marketing works, etc? Any major show-stoppers?


    The now re-incarnated Rogi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogi
    now I'm bored and have too much unproductive time on my hands.
    Use a little bit of that time and get familiar with the search button..

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    Welcome Back Rogi.
    Things are always changing.

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    Go Daddy
    Someone asked a question similar to this not too long ago. I wouldn't know what to search for but it's somewhere around here.

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