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    Don't forget Memorial Day
    Don't think I saw a thread on this yet.

    In your haste today please don't forget what day it is. Do a little research. Remember a past family military member. Just remember that today is not all about burgers and picnics!

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    I live just outside the gates of a fairly large cemetery and the place has a steady stream of traffic in and out today. I'm going up later, my mother, brother and sister are all buried together.

    It's nice to see the traffic - most of the year it's 'dead' quiet . It would be nice if more people remembered throughout the year, but my dog and I like the quiet for our walks.

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    I had a whole list of errands I was going to run today but then I realized everything is closed, argh! I definitely appreciated holidays better when I was working full time, but now they're just an inconvenience

    - Scott
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