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    May 22nd, 2008
    Finally got popper to show, now frustrated with it.
    First, the merchant name doesn't show up anywhere, except as a way to refine my search results. If I want it on my page, I have to type it by hand.

    Also, it is a mystery to me what the Filters are supposed to do. I can see nothing but an empty white box.

    I have made may complaints to support about the limitations of PopShops search... for instance, the inability to search by UPC, ISBN or even, unbelievably, AUTHOR. Well, the Popper's search in Wordpress seems WORSE! Are fewer products available to us through this plugin, and if so, why? I don't think we are being too picky here. The Beethoven symphonies under Carlos Keiber are DIFFERENT from the Beethoven symphonies under Mikail Pletnev.

    It's frustrating enough that you have to type in THE EXACT CORRECT QUERY to accidentally come across the item... it then adds insult to injury when the tool "hangs" on subsequent attempts. At one point I plunked in "Beethoven" and got NOTHING! A blank screen!

    I think that if I save the post after every search, it will let me perform one fresh search and give results. But you know what? Most of the posting is done by someone very music-savvy and not tech-savvy at all and getting him to save the document after every query even if it fails... everybody wish me luck on that.

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    itochka, I know that it's frustrating not having authors and artists, ISBNs, etc part of search, but because of some extremely difficult feed-parsing and lack of standardization, it's just not a quick fix. We are working on that and eagerly awaiting the improvements in search that are coming.

    I mentioned on a previous post that the plugin has limited support and we are working on improving it.

    Jessie Jones
    Create your custom affiliate store with PopShops.
    General support: support [at] | Merchant requests: merchants [at]
    (Include your popshops login, your shop name, and the URL or merchant you have an issue with.)

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    PopShops is not intended to build a fully formed page, you have to make the page and then add in the PopShops code where you want the products to show. The PS code only shows products.
    The filters box needs a minute or so to load, but then it is very handy so you do not need to load all the merchants on any network, only your merchants. It's a little tricky to use it, but there are instructions given in another thread here on the PopShops forum at ABW.

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    I don't blame you for a beta tool having problems. I reported this so that those who can't get of to work in the first place know that it has issues anyway.

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