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    Angry Direct Deposit Failure
    I kinda expected this. When I filled out the DD form on the eBay partner network I did it exactly the same as CJ. Apparently that was wrong as my DD failed.

    I'm in Canada btw.

    Anyone else have the same thing happen? I don't see any other complaints so I'm starting to think I'm the only one.

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    Can't speak for eBay, but i just went through a painful process with LS - not their fault, my bank gave me faulty info..

    If they are submitting payment by ACH, it's called EFT here in Canada, and the routing/transit number is 4 digit bank code & transit number of your branch. You can find this on your chqs. And your account number is just the acct # (without transit).

    If it's by wire transfer, there could be diff routing codes required, but the above fixed my problem.

    Hope it helps!

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