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    They are an indepentant merchant has anyone ever done business with them? Any good words about them any bad words?
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    I can't really say any good words or bad words as to what they're currently like. I had signed up with them a few years back and can't really recall too much other than I didn't continue with them. Not sure if they never replied to emails, didn't have a log in area that worked, didn't have any type of links or what the reason was. (Umm unfortunately there have been several that I joined similar to them with high hopes that uhh didn't go anywhere at all) I was desperate at the time and was jumpin on anything lol but got very frustrated with them so stopped.

    I just really remember they were one that I had joined, what the specifics were tho as to why I stopped with em, honestly can't recall. Possible they've improved. Let me know if ya find out anything currently about them.

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