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    Natural SEO” service for my web business
    I own and operate two sites for fun. If possible I may be able to get a business' to place ad's on my site. Like I said these sites are for fun not profit. I want to get more members though. How do I get my sites to pull in more members with search engines. Are there any tricks you could show an average person to make their site more visible. I have been able to figure out quite a bit from hands on experience as far as operating the sites goes. I thought it might be more than I could handle but sar far so good. Thanks ahead of time for any help you may be able to give.
    Thanks again

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    There are a ton of ways to drive new memberships and increase traffic on your site mentioned throughout this forum. Use the search feature and read, read, read.

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    Tricks will only get you banned in the long run.

    Read up on Best SEO Practices and start to build your foundation from those.
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    Good quality content (text) that is unique and is interesting to visitors.

    Make sure your sites are submitted to all relevant directories, consider maybe paying for getting in Yahoo! (299$/year). Publish press releases about your sites. Make contacts with relevant sites / especially blogs - make some deals to get the word out about you, etc

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