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    RSS feeds & affiliate sites..
    I've been curious about this for a while...

    The terms & conditions for use of RSS feeds varies across websites - pretty much all of the news sites indicate that their RSS feed is for personal use only, not commercial.

    For my own sites, I have only ever subscribed to paid services, whereby I have the right republish the information (recently phased that out anyway, as I prefer to keep readers in my site).

    In researching an expansion idea, I've noticed a number of affiliate sites with news headlines. Rather than linking to the site directly (which is fine), they have inserted the RSS feed into their site.

    In my mind, an affiliate site would be defined as commercial - therefore, that RSS feed violates terms & conditions of use. Just because you "can", it doesn't mean you "should"..

    This has always seemed straightforward to me, am I right in my thinking..?

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    I've never heard of them being for personal use only. You know alot more about the rules than I do

    The RSS feeds for news might be a violation like you mention. At the same there are alot of affiliate managers that purposely define RSS feeds for product links. So I want ensure we are talking about News RSS feeds vs. RSS feeds in general.

    For News RSS feeds I use them everyplace and anyplace possible.
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    Good point, I added bold to "news sites"...

    yes, I'm specifically talking about displaying 3rd party news on a website (as opposed to rss feeds that are offered for affiliate use).

    If you look at the fine print "terms of use", it usually says for personal use only - specifically indicating commercial use is not allowed. I guess I'm wondering what's defined as commercial use... in my mind, if I'm making money from a website, that would be considered commercial...

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    I agree that you are a commercial site. On the other hand a guy told me that if the rss feed was not directly related to my site, it's not diong me any good.

    In class, it said the opposite. RSS = TRAFFIC.

    Ideas ?

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    Yeah, I have to agree re: commercial... which makes me question the other affiliate sites I have seen with 3rd party newsfeeds (that I know are not subscription-based).

    I have mixed feelings about RSS - importing feeds can be a great way to increase targeted content on your site, but you have to read terms of use carefully. I don't want my site ever to be on the wrong side of .. anything.. I also run the risk of visitors clicking away to the RSS source. It's a given that we're talking about feeds relevant to the site

    To actually generate RSS & allow others to display your content...? Mixed feelings on that too. On the one hand, yes, it can increase your traffic (see above!), but also increases the chances that your content is scraped via the feed & opens up a possibility of duplicate content, which may cost you in SERP.

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