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    The 3rd person thread
    The title is the rule.

    BatteryFuelPatrick wonders out loud that if he ever meets SuperCool in person if SuperCool would continue to talk to himself. That could be odd. BatteryFuel Patrick would feign interest and then feign congestive heart failure. More then likely BillyKay would come over take pictures of it.

    BatteryFuelPatrick wonders!
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    Greg wondered the same thing after reading some of superCool's posts but he thinks superCool may actually be a ventriliquist. You hear someone talking and the only person around is superCool and his lips aren't moving. This makes Greg a little nervous about actually meeting superCool but he likes meeting people and thinks it would be great to chat with superCool and himself-together and at the same time. Between the 4 of us it would be an interesting conversation with all those voices but nobody's lips moving. This thought just gave Greg the chills so he's going to cut out for now, he said he'll stop by later.
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    Boomers had a third person once. Mrs. Boomers was livid!

    (Not really!)

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