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    This just sends shivers down my spine. I have to wonder how this will play out considering their associations with the likes of Whenu and some of the unscrupulous publishers they provide their xml feed to.

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    17,328 powers 70,000 ecommerce web sites and is offered by hosting companies worldwide. It is a affiliate tracking enabled shopping cart/e-catalog package with multiple storefront options allowing for cross store additions to a single shopping cart. Yes it does support uploads and downloads of any type datefeed file. Underlying scripts use the Miva Engine and the HTMLscript language making it easy to customize.

    FindWhat is a PPCSE willing to whore it's keyword accounts to anyone with a plan to drain those accounts. Sure Findwhat will make use of the Miva purchase and e-mail customer list to sell keyword packages to small merchants. Surer still is the fact that Findwhat is a DUPER with dual merchant/affiliate status working with various shopping bar, search bar and BHO popup Adware folks.

    Threat comes from a sleeze move to compete with Froogle and the Yahoo product listing service based upon launching a combo product. Search term hijacking BHO powered by Findwhat and or WhenU with product search feature. Added bonus is a popup comparison priced product display (triggered by description or SKU#)fed and automated by CJ -BF and LS datafeeds linking to a Miva eCatalog buy page.

    The wonders never cease. FindWhat takes the shopper from initial keyword search right thru influencing the purchasing choices with split fee partnerships. There sure is cause for concern on this bigomist marriage of eCatalog datafeed, BHO search bar, PPCSE keyword triggering technology influencing both the clickstream and interrupting shoppers at the Point of Sale.

    MS.B go back into the private Pware forums and see where I warned of this as phase II of the BHO game. The networks have some hard decisions to make real soon. Do they want normal affiliates or do they just want to aggregrate the majority of all affiliate referral sales to flow to a handful of DUPERS??

    Mike & Charlie ...

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    I can envision shopping carts that redirect to other stores.

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    They do have obligations to satisfy stock holders, so they try all sorts of things to increase revenue....

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