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    Cool Multiple affiliate manager???
    Hello all,

    It seems that i may become one of two managers for our Program.
    I am In-house (running Avantlink) and we may be outsourcing our CJ account to an AM at CJ.

    I was wonder if any of you have dealt with multiple affiliate managers, for the same program?

    I was also wondering if anyone could give me a little review/info about their dealing with an outsourced CJ affiliate manager?



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    I would not allow them to do this. You will end up with every parasite known to man kind in the program as well as other things.

    I'm happy to talk to you about on a one on one basis and share my experiences with this subject matter if you would like.

    My suggestion though is to look at an OPM firm. There are a ton of good ones here which could do very well for you. Just make sure you ask the right questions about how they manage programs, catch bad guys and TOS violators, recruitment methods, etc...

    Cool store btw.
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    Hi Dana and )
    Am not absolutely sure I'm understanding you correctly but if I am.... I do have a few merchants that I'm in their program at two different networks. Believe I have the same affiliate manager at both networks, tho. There may be a few that have different ams at each network but can't think of any at the moment. So, it really isn't an issue with the affiliates. (Least hasn't been for me)

    Most times,'ll probably only have an affiliate be in the program at just one network so it really won't matter to them who the other affiliate manager is. Does seem from a few posts that have been made recently tho, that there has been some problems where there's been an in-house affiliate manager and an outsourced one. I suppose there can be differences of opinions on how things should be done and it may cause problems.

    Just speaking as an outsider...not really sure I understand why a merchant wouldn't think it best to just have one outsourced affiliate manager run the whole program?? Probably am waaaay off with my thinking lol but I'd think the opm would possibly do better with recruiting new affilates into the program so might be able to do a better job?? Just a thought...might as I say, be waaaaay off with thinking. lol

    pssssst didn't check to see what your program is so not sure if I'm in it or not. but pssssst. if you have a choice of which network you wanna manage......choose the AvantLink one, cos waaay more people will like you As an affilite I love AvantLink so would choose their network to be in your program.

    Again, )

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    I too have some People running in two networks, and so far it been a non issue.
    It does however look like we are going in the direction of outsourcing the management task of just one network. I do get to keep avantlink. and i am a little bummed that i Will be losing one medium to inform
    people about their tools that can make their job easier. Well i guess it is time for a little change, and a Change can be a wonderful thing.

    thanks for the replies they have been helpful

    Hope all is well

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