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    Kinda Technical--
    I have a kinda technical question and maybe someone here can answer it.

    I have 3 computers, all stand alone. I want to network them together. I can use a router to get them all to the internet, but I have 2 printers to choose from, and the newest (old) computer I just inherited from mom is an iMac of the older variety.

    I have XP and Mac in the mix.

    Is there a way to link these guys all together and have file sharing across all of them? Can I use the iMac as the server?

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    The router will also allow you to share resources between them. For the Windows machines make sure they are all in the same workgroup.

    You don't have to make a single one of them a server. However to make life easier that would be a good thing. Rather than keep filess scattered and shared all over the place it would be good to designate one folder on one machine as the centralized location. You don't even have to install any special server software for that machine.
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    Your router will need to have a built in network switch/hub in order to connect the computers together. Are there several jacks on the back for plugging in network cables? Otherwise you'll need a separate network switch/hub.
    Also, on whichever computer you use to store files, make sure to have some kind of backup device in place. Otherwise you could lose everything forever in one fell swoop.
    You can also connect the printers up to a couple of the computers and share them out for use from the other computers on the network.


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