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    Newbie Questions
    Hi everyone. Forgive my newbieness. I've been using BANS and making a bit of money until the switch to ePN, so I've been looking into CJ lately. A few questions:

    1. I played around with POPshops a bit and Affilistore. Anything else recommended for building stores with CJ merchants?

    2. It seems that having products updated dynamically via a product feed is the way to go (no?). What's the best way to do this?

    Basically I'm looking for something similar to BANS for CJ (if there is such a thing) that will allow me to create dynamically generated stores with navigation based on categories and searches etc. What are my options?


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    Good evening mistershneebly, and welcome to ABestWeb.

    Sounds like what you're looking for is GoldenCan. You can check out their ABW forum here

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