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    A Lesson in Communication for the Big 3
    Well, I am flying blind with my traffic stat application out.

    Is it just me or what? So, I went to the forum to see what I could find out. Instead of finding a thread stuffed with inquiry posts wondering what the heck is going on, I found a thread stuffed with posts from the company rep that posted updates routinely all day and night telling us what was going on.

    Evidently there was an accident at their facility and all servers were down.

    How refreshing to be able to go right to a thread and get up to date information on where they stand on the issue. True dedication for the rep that was posting all night.

    Rarely do I get that dedication in communication on issues from the Big 3.

    Good luck St*tc*unter dot com. I will patiently wait while I know you have your hands full.

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    jacked by sylon

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    Refreshing to see organizations that actually know how to communicate with their customers. Apparently Statcounter was affected by the fire that The Planet had at their Houston datacenter. There's more information in this thread The Planet - Houston Datacenter Down Due to Fire and another great example of keeping customers up to date.


    Looks like BB beat me to it.
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