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    What do I want from my affiliate network?
    Hi All,

    I was hoping you could help me?

    I am currently meeting with a couple of affiliate networks this week and I have been checking out forums to give me some ideas as to what I can expect from them.

    As a merchant what can I expect from my affiliate network, are there are traps that many merchants fall into, is there something that I could ask of them before hand before we sign contracts?

    Any suggestions would be useful

    Thank you

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    Mark's reply here will help you.


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    Some of the things you will want to ask about are:

    Exclusivity to the network. Will they let you open on other networks and why should you only remain on theirs?

    Parasites and Adware, do they let it in, is it an issue, can they prevent you from being exposed to it.

    If you do not want trademark poaching, will they patrol the engines and alert you when you have poachers? Then search for yourself on programs who do not allow this and see if they are being properly patrolled.

    Ask them about their internal recruiting methods, if there are fees, etc...

    Ask about newsletters, if there are fees with them as well.


    There are tons of questions you may want to ask them to protect yourself and find out if it is a good fit for you.
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    Thank you I will be sure to ask these.....

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    As for direct contacts with account reps, tech support, etc. Ask what happens when you have trouble with integration, trademark poachers, etc.

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