Hi. Can anyone help me pls.?

When creating a link in CJ - from the 'Link Detail' Page I have been mostly using the 'Encrypt Link' and 'Hide Tracking Code' options when creating my links.

I yam now reading and getting the impression that the generated link (using the two options above) - is not a good thing at all for 'Search Engine Credibility'?? Also, Google has decided to dump those pages containing that type of CJ generated link to about page 798 or somewhere!

I guess my simple question is this:

When creating Links from CJ is it - G. Search engine - better to keep the check boxes for 'Encryption' and 'Hidden Tracking Codes' unchecked??

If I want to achieve the goal of 'minimising link hijacking' then is it 'Link Cloaking' I need to be looking in to?

Thank You.