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    email received just now..

    We have released a new FREE script!

    The World Wide ProxEmail 1.0 script will allow you to use your servers mail server without revealing your PC's IP address in your mailings.

    For example, if you use mass mailing software from your PC and you connect to your SMTP server to send mail with this software, most of the time, the IP address of your PC is included in the mail headers. This IP can be used to file SPAM complaints against you to your ISP or also allow attacks to be launched against your IP address.

    You can also use this with mail programs such as Outlook and Eudora to hide your IP address on every email you send. This will further protect you from attacks.

    You can download this script free from us at or click HERE.

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    You can rest assured that their free product will have the ability to allow them to use your SMTP server to send their own sh!t. At least in this scenario it is the Hyenas eating the vultures.

    <font face=verdana size=1 color=43639C>Parasiteware - Any software, process or method that aims to make money by avoiding any involvement in the sales process apart from hijacking transactions that have been created by the hard work of others.</font>

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    ROLMAO true DPG. If I see the word FREE one more time, not associated with freight, I'll

    Mike & Charlie ...

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