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    So This Doesn't Affect The Bigger Brands So Much?
    Merchants like Best Buy, Sears, Payless etc. since they have stores everywhere, physical presence is most states? Is that how that works?

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    Hadn't thought til you just brought it up...but yeap would seem so I guess. Wouldn't matter to them at all and come to think of it, haven't been receiving any emails from any of them. So, Performics has quite a few of those type so they're not bein effected either I guess?

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    It depends. For the big ones who already have a presence and collect/pay NY sales taxes, it has no impact on them whatsoever (and perhaps a positive impact since it brings some of their competition on a level playing field). For the big ones who don't have a presence and don't collect/pay NY sales tax, that's exactly who the new law is targeting. It will have a big impact on them.
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