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    They Forgot the Button?
    Just checking thru my CJ merchants I see that some merchants might have forgotten to hit their buttons. There are at least 3 merchants who said I would be terminated yet I don't think they I am. Still on my active list & I can still get functioning links.

    Are these merchants keeping the links operational yet opting not to credit me, did I slip thru and get missed (I did get notice last week I would be removed), did they simply forget to hit the button for all NYers ....

    Could a few of you check and see if you were deactivated?
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    That's interesting as I doubt they can "undo" a customer referral/sale post 5/31. If there is a single transaction through a NY affiliate (and the other conditions are met) any such merchant better have registered and be collecting the tax, plus there would be absolutely no benefit to "hit the button" after a single sale has occurred.

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