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    December 30th, 2006
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    Justed wanted to see how others were doing.

    Our targeted affiliate sites are doing rather well lately. In fact we continue to show nice monthly growth virtually across the board and I am very grateful for that.

    Our main shopping sites, though, have slowed quite a bit. I know retail is extremely seasonal. So I thought I'd see if this was traditionally a slow time for the other coupon and/or shopping sites?
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    My coupon/deal sites are consistently slow regardless of the season/month/day/year.

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    It's June 3. A little early to see how June turns out. But Summer months have always been the slow months, offline as well in general.

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    May was incredible. Thank you Mr. J. C. Whitney!

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    Too early to tell how June will be..but I'm sure we'll make it successful regardless. I'm looking forward to the summer in whole since it'll be our first summer (and first 3 months) as an active ABW member!
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    I'm curious about June as well.

    Have enjoyed record consecutive months (Mar-Apr-May), but everything seems to have stalled now.

    I know it's too soon to judge the month, and nothing changed on the sites, so I'm wondering if there are any published stats for online shopping broken down by month?

    I find my sites don't fit the norm for normal bricks & mortar retail cycles & don't have enough history to judge monthly performance year over year.

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