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    Does CJ offer dynamic link to its merchants? I cant seem to find one offering this type of link.

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    By "dynamic" I'm assuming you mean where the presentation of products changes as the merchant sees fit . . . like some merchants using Linkshare's system.

    The closest thing I've seen at CJ is the new feature with Ebay. It uses javascript similar to the code used in the smartzone for rotating banners.

    From Ebay's newsletter:
    Introducing the Dynamic Promotions Tool!

    We have also just launched the Dynamic Promotions Tool, which allows you to create a spotlight section for a specific eBay category on your site. This spotlight will be automatically updated when category managers change out the content on the eBay site.

    Examples of the Dynamic Promotions Tool can be seen at Just click on one of the categories in the drop down menu and click "Make my link". The next page will display an example of the spotlight section. In the upcoming weeks, most of the top-level categories that you see on eBay''s home page will have a spotlight section dedicated to them.

    To begin using the Dynamic Promotion Tool and further increase your affiliate earnings, simply follow these three easy steps:

    Click here:
    Enter your CJ user ID and password (if prompted).
    Enter the keyword "Dynamic" at the top of the page where you see the "Find Links with keywords:" section.

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