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    Finding Alternative Merchants
    I am wondering how we can better handle finding alternative merchants after being kicked out of programs that have a 'no NY" clause.

    We have several threads where we are asking merchants and OPM's to list their merchants but those lists are awfully short. I realize this can be due to several factors including just not knowing the thread exists to an unwillingness or inability to state with certainty that programs are safe or simply not thinking we don't know a merchant is safe because the merchant already has a nexus here.

    Would it be okay for us to post what we are looking for and then all can chip in with "suggestions". A different terminating merchant in a thread to keep it focused and clear. That would let us, the affiliate, be proactive and we can work together to find replacements.

    For example:
    Orig post - My shoe merchant, ABC Company (<--made up name I hope) dropped NY affiliates who can I use?

    Answers from other affiliates -
    "Try Payless they're in NY" and "Try Lovemyshoes at SAS they're in NY"

    Once again, I learned that a merchant I picked to replace a merchant that terminated NY'ers is also terminating NY'ers. There was nothing in the terms of service and description to indicate this before hand. I don't think merchants are updating descriptions.

    If a mod can let me know if this would be ok to start. If this is something better left off the board we can take it to email if necessary. And if NY affiliates can say if they would want to do this. I know I'm still looking for replacements but would be willing to share the ones I've found.
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    I'm thinking of just using GoldenCAN and until the smoke clears.

    You can deep-link to many subcategories doing that.

    Just gotta check once in a while in case the categories changed.

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    will share the programs I know
    I'm willing to share as well

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