I have been messing around with the PopShops system. I have a Pro account and was wondering if some of what I am looking for is possible.

1.) Is there currently a way to create "categories" for the products pages?

2.) The Autofeed does not seem to work correctly. For example, Cooking.com has a Bakeware category. So, I filtered the results by Cooking.com only and then searched for the keyword "bakeware." I added just one product and I have autofeed on. Granted it does automatically list additional products, but only one at a time.

I figured it would insert the additional autofeed items per the settings of my store (3x30), that is 3 columns by 30 rows. Is there a way I can just have a page created that lists all the products in the bakeware category?

3.) How do I create separate pages? For example, one page for bakeware, one page for barware, etc.

Thanks in advance for the help. Btw, it would be nice to have a "Select All" checkbox for adding items. Currently the only way is to click the "Add" button by each item.