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    Report identifies dangerous Web domains
    McAfee found the most dangerous domains to navigate to are ".hk" (Hong Kong), ".cn" (China) and ".info" (information).

    Of all ".hk" sites McAfee tested, it flagged 19.2 percent as dangerous or potentially dangerous to visitors; it flagged 11.8 percent of ".cn" sites and 11.7 percent of ".info" sites that way.

    Full article

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    The percent of bad .info sites was quite a surprise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelColey
    The percent of bad .info sites was quite a surprise.

    The other two I would suspect without the report, but .info is just amazing. I've actually considered .info in the past - glad I never went there !

    More than one in ten flagged, wow.

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    Hard to believe that .info was nearly twice the Romanian or Russian ones... I guess those sale prices make it cheaper to be a scumbag when you're burning through domain names like they're M&M's.

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