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    Airline cutbacks

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    Great find! Thanks!

    Keep in mind that reductions in service will cause an increase in price. The two most popular travel areas with the biggest reduction in service are Hawaii and Nevada, so expect to see prices increase to both of those destinations. Hawaii prices have already increased considerably.

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    I fly fairly often..and I find lately, although tickets are of course more, I've seen more "full flights" that result in free roundtrip tickets for those who volunteer to give up their seat, and since I have Boingo, I tend to volunteer each time (unless I have something critical awaiting me)

    So I'd say my average ticket price has actually decreased..given the free flights.

    Of course - in the end, the vouchers are used for play, so all in all, still spending more on airfare for sure..
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    Pittsburgh has been cut about 9%, but that is due to the aggressive (and effective) marketing of Southwest in the region. After a couple of years, US Airways finally gave in and discontinued some of their daily flights. I knew Southwest be a great fit here, but I didn't think they would get to the point where they were a major PNC Park sponsor. Everything in the area used to be USAir. Times are a changin'.


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    With fuel costs scheduled to continue rising through the next couple of years, maybe the airlines will implement the "carpool theory" and just have each passenger chip in for the cost of fuel for the flight.
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