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    January 18th, 2005
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    I opened my email and this was at the top of the list, now bear in mind the nofile.html is exactly what it soundslike, it is a custom 404 file. It still tickles me

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> I checked your website and I believe it is compatible with mine, and I think it would be great to make a link exchange. My name is Paul Cabay and this is my site:
    What do you say? If the answer is yes then all you have to do is to visit my online submission form and introduce your data there and your link will be up on my site in a few hours.

    And this is my linking information :

    Title: Classical-music Resources
    Description: classical-music related news, books and web resources

    or just cut & paste this HTML

    I got my parasiteware t-shirt
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    I got 2 (almost) identical emails today, thought the first one might be legit, but then I saw the second one, and they both went into the trash.

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    The same guy wrote to three of my websites today with similar requests.
    He is using some robot...

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    I got two as well, for a deeplink in both the ODP and Zeal/Looksmart. I guess that one or both of those directories is being mined for information.

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    Ditto. Glad to see that I was right to assume it was not legit!

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    Yep. I seem to get similar messages every few weeks. They start to smell fishy when the site requesting the link is a direct competitor.

    I'm pretty sure they must send out a bot to find sites compatible with theirs, but a link from them would most likely add little to my site in the eyes of my visitors as well as Googlebot.

    No thanks, I'll pass...


    "If you were born to be shot, you'll never be hung." -Unknown

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    Same here... Got the same one too... making a difference all over the world!

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