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    Ebay responds 6-4-08
    The following is a direct quote from ebay's forum. They've admitted to losing track of 8-10% of affiliate driven ACRUs - and these are "premliminary estimates". That is a significant margin of error especially for traffic driven to ebay by PPC affiliates.

    If you do not want to keep sending free affiliate traffic to ebay, you may want to shift your advertising efforts elsewhere at least until "August"...


    First of all, thanks to those of you who have taken the time to help each other out on these boards in understanding how tracking works on eBay Partner Network and working through individual issues as they have come up. We appreciate your patience as we have been testing different parts of our tracking system to investigate for any issues.

    I wanted to update you on a few things:

    1) We have just confirmed that the fix to put bot filtering in place on eBay Partner Network did not get fully implemented in May as we reported. Although this won’t affect actual earnings (as we don’t pay on clicks), this will affect any click to bid, click to ACRU, and earnings per click comparisons you do between what your traffic was on CJ vs what it is on eBay Partner Network, as bot clicks will inflate the number of clicks versus what you would have seen on CJ. We are working to get a fix in place and this should be done by tomorrow. So starting tomorrow you will see bot-filtered clicks in your reporting.

    2) We have also found a discrepancy in the way ACRUs were attributed to affiliates on Commission Junction vs. now with eBay Partner Network. Although on eBay Partner Network we use the same underlying tracking system as on CJ (ValueClick’s MediaPlex), when we switched to eBay Partner Network a small issue was introduced where some ACRUs, specifically those where users were confirming their e-mails and then activating via a bid on different days, were not always getting credited to the right affiliate. We are still calculating the magnitude of the impact, but preliminary estimates are that we have missed 8-10% of the ACRUs this way since we launched in April. We are verifying the exact number and hope to be able to issue a makegood to each publisher for the affected activity on eBay Partner Network soon. In the meantime we’re working on resolving the issue and hope to have a fix in place by next week.

    3) Finally, I wanted to give you a quick update on a test we are doing which Steve referenced in another post. Although we did thorough testing of our tracking system before launch (by eBay engineers as well as two outside companies that helped us build eBay Partner Network), like most other major advertising systems, now that we have some data on eBay Partner Network, we are bringing in a third party not involved in the original development to do a full, independent end-to-end test of our tracking system. This outside company has already begun to work with our teams. Their plan is to test some of the more basic things quickly and then finish the full test sometime in August. We plan to share the results of that test with you when complete, and will keep you updated as they complete different parts of their analysis.

    No other tracking issues have been identified so far, though we will continue to investigate issues as they come up and keep you updated. Thanks again for your help and insight on these boards. Making sure tracking and reporting are accurate and working properly is extremely important to us.


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    very interesting. I'm already having decent results so ebay should rock when the acru's glitch is fixed. Ebay make goods are generous too.
    Merchants, any data you provide to Google Shopping should also be in your affiliate network datafeed. More data means more sales!

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    Angry I am not seeing any bonus money
    my issue is that I don't see where any bonus money was added to the amount they show as pending.

    All and all....we are down by an average of $2000 per month since the swtich.

    Adding in the season it would still be down by over $1500

    Not happy and looking at other ways to make money with our high traffic space.

    If they are not careful all their top tier eBay affilaites will be gone.

    The make good better be EXTRA special this time

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    If I were someone on the Associates program team I would be taking huge advantage of this situation with ebay.

    This is your golden opportunity to reach out to frustrated ebay affiliates with a unique one of a kind offer.

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    my issue is that I don't see where any bonus money was added to the amount they show as pending.
    It's added on the fly with ePN.

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