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    How personal should affiliate blog be?
    I've been considering a blog for my website. Is it better to have a blog that is strictly business or should it be personal, or a combination of both. Any suggestions would be great.

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    I'd suppose it would depend on your goals for the website and if making it personal would help increase sales or not. I'd suggest doing a mind-map to organize your ideas for the site and determine if it is about you or not.

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    This is not really something a group of people can answer for an individual.

    It is all about you and what you want to tell people. If you want to tell them everything knock yourself out.
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    It's definitely up to you - I've had really personal blogs and some that were completely impersonal and both did well.

    As a reader, I enjoy a breezy kind of personal. If someone is making recommendations, I love to hear funny stories or advice about the products. On the other hand, if it's something like, "Let me tell you about the bunion treatment I had yesterday...and oh, here's a lovely chocolate gift basket," I'll pass.

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    I'm with Stefanie. Personally I like something that is easy reading, almost like someone is talking to me not real techie. Just from the heart.
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    I would make it a combination. I want to read educational posts on affiliate marketing blogs. At the same time I like to see that the person is "real" and read some of the personal side of their lives too.

    Some bloggers don't want to talk about their personal lives at all. Like the above posters said, it really is up to you.
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    I think a mix is good too, you ned to include professional subject matter and reviews but you need to let the walls down and talk about your own opinions and achievements too.

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    Blog Can be Personal or impersonal

    Now the blog depends on the website which you want to promote through your blog. Blogs can either be personal or impersonal or can be a mix of both. It usually depends on what your target is.


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    It's cool when you can take personal experiences - particularly those that others can relate to - and share them in your blog. They can be effective if there is a relation to what you are offering on your web site.

    I'm not sure how "personal" you are looking to get.
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