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    New To Affiliate Marketing -- Where Do I Start?
    Where do I start?
    Any good websites to introduce it? Any tips, etc. for a beginner?
    Anything FREE? =P
    Thank you.

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    You've already found what you are looking for.

    This forum is great for learning about affiliate marketing and it is free. Surf around, use the search function, and ask educated questions.

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    information and tips/advice is free here and extremely useful if followed and implemented properly...Welcome to ABW...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleJezuz
    Anything FREE? =P
    ABW is free. Most websites are full of free content too! If you don't find the info. here, you'll probably find it on a blog or wikipedia.
    Quote Originally Posted by PurpleJezuz
    Where do I start?
    Make a website
    join related affiliate programs
    add links.

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    affiliate marketing is a huge topic - superCool would suggest that as you research the big topic you take some notes on the various types and methods. then try to narrow your focus onto one or two smaller subjects. you can't learn about all of AM all at once

    hopefully you can pick some smaller areas and learn enough about one of them to get started. then you can expand as you gain experience.

    good luck!! superCool is also new at this, so this advice is based on my experience trying to figure this crazy thing out.

    superCool has to go now - herding turtles

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