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    January 10th, 2006
    Talking Singing the praises of Care One Affiliate Program and Squidoo.
    Hello to everyone in the affiliate community. I have been gone a while but I have
    decided to keep one of my affiliate sites I want to discuss with you guys.

    It is my Care One Site first column is for June 2nd column was barely 2 wks in May.
    I have built a squidoo site and search engine has gotten hold of it. It is not that
    much of a primo page but it is working. I am not just trying to bait you to join
    Squidoo or Care One I just wanted to share with the community that if you are
    looking for an honest affiliate program and a good cheap way to get traffic in
    fact it is free to make a site on squidoo. Here it is. This is only one affiliate
    site I have on the page I have earnings from all 4 sites on my page. I got
    the info from the forum so I wanted to report back the results.

    Banner Click-Throughs: 178 685
    Text Click-Throughs: 84 1199
    Banner Impressions: 241 865
    Click-Through Ratio: 73.86% 79.19%
    Confirmed Leads: 4 22
    Leads Commission: $xx.00 $xxx.00
    Tier Sales: 0 0
    Tier Sales Commission : $0.00 $0.00
    Tier Leads: 0 0
    Tier Leads Commission : $0.00 $0.00

    Thanks for being there for me to learn again. Even though I did not make comments
    I always read what the forum members have to say and have gotten some pretty
    good tips from you guys.


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    I just opened a Squidoo lens too, on the 11th. I'm a total novice and it is just for my free Cafepress shops, (though using it for affiliate sales sounds tantalizing! :b ) My sales definitely improved since I opened it and sent out a twitter.
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    Thanks for the reply
    Thanks for the reply I am still doing well I have never used twitter but will look
    into it.

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    Not sure what I'm doing with twitter either. There's just a link at the top of my edit page that gives me a chance to send a twit? anyway, I click the thing and feels like I'm doing something to propel it along. I have an account, though I'm not receiving other peeps twitters yet.

    At first posting of my squidoo lens I ranked at ~500,000. Next day ~300,000. Third day 550 and today 336!! Definitely have a ways to go but it feels good.

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