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    Botnet Attack??
    Just rec'd this curious email from Mason Shoes (sent via CJ):

    The internet is experiencing a "botnet" attack on the website which can result in visitors to infected web sites becoming infected themselves. This website can be vulnerable to such an attack.

    In our desire to minimize exposure to our customers, we are taking this site down while some preventative measures are put in place.

    An estimated time to bring these sites back online will be sent out at a later date. Our hope is less than one week!

    A week??????? Anyone have any other info on this??? Is this a joke??

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    Was just about to post that. Their other shoe sites as well,, Wissota Trader, B.A. Mason

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    yeap, think altogether they've got 6 or 7 shoe sites.

    Can't say if it's really happening but I don't really think Andrea's the type of am to send emails out as a joke. I mean she's got a nice personality and I'm sure a funny sense of humor, but don't think she'd do it just for kidding around or anything. She takes her job pretty seriously, I think.

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    Someone have a vendetta on shoe stores?
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    So they are admitting to not being able to control security on their site? A botnet attack does not cause a website to become a security risk to visitors, a security hole does that. The original email is 12 ways of stupid.

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