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    One off my merchants advised me to join their in-house program suggesting that I would generate more revenue. This particular merchant also runs a program with a major network, and yes I do generate more revenue. I believe that merchants who operate their own programs have more control over seeing that their affiates are getting compensated. I have merchants that I have listed for years and they have never generated one cent. When you think about it, it is pretty cheap advertising. You pay the network your monthly fee's and have access to thousands of affiates,hoping to generate revenue.
    I believe the whole future of making money is with those sincere merchants who run inhouse programs and care about the affiates. The rest are just using our sites for expose with no intentions of paying anything. we should not have to worry about who is stealing our money.
    I also believe that we should have some kind of of receipt program or form for our customers to fill out when they make a purchase.
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    There will be some in-house programs that are just as quick to handle their affiliates poorly. It's important to find trustworthy partners whether it's a direct relationship or handled by a third party. I wouldn't count all of the networks out just yet but it is definitely one more group involved in your business that needs to be monitored. Verifying the performance of an in-house program versus an identical network promotion is a great way to see how your 3rd parties are stacking up. Something else you can do is try running a sponsor's program through another network and see if one network performs better than the other, too.

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